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Learn to Play Piano with eMedia’s Award-Winning Piano Lessons Software!
One eMedia Music Academy Subscription Provides a Complete Piano Tutorial

eMedia Music Academy is the ideal way to learn piano. Whether you’re looking for piano lessons for beginners or a piano tutorial that covers more advanced piano theory. Learn piano basics like technique, piano chords, and how to read piano sheet music. Move on to learning piano improvisation, blues piano, and more advanced piano technique. Learn piano in rock, blues, pop, and classical styles. One simple, low-priced subscription provides access to over 450 lessons and teaches you how to play over 150 great piano songs with video instruction and eMedia interactive music technologies that listen to the notes you play and displays them on a virtual keyboard and in music notation. eMedia piano software can even grade your performance when using a MIDI keyboard.

Beginner Piano Lessons

Begin with award-winning eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method, which contains over 300 step-by-step, beginner piano lessons. Irma Irene Justicia, M.A., who has taught at the renowned Juilliard School of Music, has created this extensive piano tutorial to help you learn piano quickly and easily. You will learn piano basics, including hand positions, how to read piano sheet music, and piano chords. Learning piano is fun with the included easy piano songs by great players such as Billy Joel, Beethoven, Elton John, Scott Joplin, and others. Songs and piano exercises include both audio and variable-speed MIDI tracks that let you slow down the tempo to hear things more accurately. Learn piano the easy and fun way with eMedia interactive technologies! Show more details.

Intermediate Piano

eMedia Intermediate Piano and Keyboard Method builds on the beginner piano lessons found in eMedia Piano Method by adding over 150 more lessons created by Vadim Ghin, M.A., who has taught at the renowned Juilliard School of Music. These intermediate-to-advanced piano lessons are designed to help you improve piano technique, understand music theory, learn how to play blues piano and get started with piano improvisation. eMedia music technologies, such as Interactive Feedback and the Animated Keyboard, make it easy to see piano fingerings and whether or not you’re playing the proper notes. Show more details.

Piano Lessons for Kids

eMedia My Piano contains over 100 piano lessons for kids designed by Irma Irene Justicia, M.A., who has taught at the renowned Juilliard School of Music. Kids learn how to play piano from Pam the Piano, an animated character that uses videos, music games and interactivity to teach children how to read piano sheet music, and play easy kids’ piano songs such as “Ode to Joy,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Humpty Dumpty,” “Jingle Bells,” and more. For more details, visit the For Kids section.